About Us

A skilled trades apprenticeship program connecting people to mentors, and providing education and on-the-job training.

We connect new talent to rewarding apprenticeships in the skilled trades where they will get matched with mentors and develop professional networks within their desired trades. Our skilled trades apprenticeship program has a proven track-record of success.

After earning while they learn, our apprentices become journey workers and enter rewarding, high-paying, and satisfying long-term careers in the skilled trades

Our apprenticeships can put you on track towards numerous careers, including:

⦁ Electrician
⦁ Construction Craft Laborer
⦁ Carpenter
⦁ Dock-builder/Pile-driver
⦁ Reinforcing Metal Worker
⦁ Universal Equipment Operator
⦁ Cement Mason

While learning alongside the industry’s best, our apprentices have the opportunity to have a major impact in our communities. Our apprentices support contractors as they perform heavy construction and major repairs on highways, bridges, water treatment plants, and more.

Our apprenticeship program is approved under the US Department of Labor, and apprentices receive health benefits once they get hired. Wages are set based on a graduated pay scale.

Apprentices earn while they learn with both hands-on experience with mentors in their field, and fully-paid course work to learn more about the trade. The courses are delivered entirely online, making it easier for apprentices to work through it on their own schedules in the comfort of their own homes.

Participation in one of our Programs can lead to a rewarding lifetime career.

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