We’ll set up a skilled trades apprenticeship to get you ready for a successful career as a dock-builder/pile driver

Dock-builders/pile-drivers are crucial in the early stages of many construction projects. They drill for concrete, piles or drive steel piles into the earth to create stable foundations.

A strong foundation built by a pile driver is the key the success and safety of construction projects. They place piling into the earth to keep it in place during excavations. They set up the strong foundations of highways, bridges, docks, and wharfs.

Pile-drivers are in-demand everywhere. They can work for small construction businesses or large companies. Pile-drivers can work on exciting projects, from residential and industrial buildings to underwater construction and power generation.

Salary range

Annual salaries for pile-drivers in the United States ranges from $48, 525 to $84,000.

Job market

Currently, the are 34,042 job openings for pile divers in the United States. The demand for dock builders, pile-drivers is expected to explode and add 44,000 job opportunities.

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