Worst Case Scenario for DUI Offenders in Los Angeles County, California

What Is The Worst Thing That Can Happen If Convicted Of A Dui? 

If you don’t fight it with a competent, skilled attorney you could end up with: 

(First time DUI) Vehicle Code Section 23152, usually filed with an “a” count and a “b” count. 

  • *Up to 5 years informal probation (misdemeanor) 
  • *180 Days in the County Jail (six months) 
  • *$510 plus penalty assessments (this can be up to $3,000!!) 
  • *Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD 
  • *Victim Impact Panel (VIP) 
  • *Hospital and Morgue (HAM) 
  • *Community Service 
  • *Community Labor 
  • *Caltrans 
  • *Up to 9 months of alcohol classes (SB38) 
  • *A suspended license up to a year 
  • *Ignition interlock device (IID) 
  • *Indirect Consequence can be: car insurance will go up (insurance hikes) 

(It can be all or some of these terms, i.e. it’s not all inclusive.) 

This is why you need Victoria in your corner! Who has time for all of this? Nobody! 

We are all trying to work through a bad economy and this is just more pressure that will make your drinking worse (a little irony there..) 

The Problem With Hiring Someone Who Is Always At The Top Of The Search Engine:

The lawyers who you see every time you click on google are paying astronomical fees for that so do you think that lawyer is going to represent you? NO! He or she is too busy borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. I am not saying they aren’t good attorneys, what this means is that they will have no time for your case.  

With Victoria, you will get her on the phone, her at court, her keeping you advised of any changes, her doing the negotiations… you get the idea. 

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