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Changes are Comming

As of Jan 1, 2023, the following things will go into effect: 

 Abolishes cash bail for almost every offense, including but not limited to: 

  • Kidnapping 

  • Armed robbery 

  • 2nd-degree murder 

  • Drug-induced homicide 

  • Aggravated DUI

  • Threatening a public official 

  • Aggravated fleeing 

Offenders on electronic monitoring will have to be in flight for at least 24 hours before law enforcement will look for them.

They can almost drive to Alaska, before law enforcement can look for them!

It denies victim’s their constitutional rights and keep this in mind businesses and homeowners.  Officers will no longer be able to remove trespassers from your home or businesses.

Someone could decide to live in your shed and all law enforcement can do is give them a ticket! 

You decide the force required to remove them and whether it’s legal or not. 

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