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I am seeing more and more cases of failing to register under “CSAR” California Sex and Arson Registration. What this means, is if you have been convicted of a sex offense or an arson offense, there is a LIFETIME REQUIREMENT that you report to the Sheriff or LAPD EVERY YEAR within five days of your birthday that your address is current. There is a section of 290.013 that has been codified that defines “domicile”. A “domicile” can be any place that you stay on a regular basis. For example your girlfriend’s house! You must keep your address updated even if you are transient. Then it is every 30 days, not once a year within 5 days of your birthday. You could be facing 4 years in state prison, plus priors. For more case law information on this or to privately discuss your matter contact the Law Offices of Victoria Clemans.

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